The Village

Urk is a lively and characteristic fishing village. Something you have to experiance it for yourself. A former isle. A picturesque village wher you can still feel the islelife in the alleys of the old town, where every home is different. Surprising vistas, intimate squares, distinctive façade signs and many ornate decorations with anchors and ships.


In the old town there are different shops under the name. "Oud Urk". Further shopping area's are "De Hofstee" and "Het Urkerhard".


Every saturdaymornig at the shopping mall "Het Urkerhard" there is a market.


For nature lovers: the forest of Urk and the White Sand Plain are at the edge of town. The polder is also very suitable for trips on bicycle.

Swimming: Two beaches are at walking distance. Also swimming pool 't Bun is easy reached.

Cultuur: The old town is part of the World Heritage List and is accesable from all sides. The lighthouse, museum can be visited during the season.
Urk has also many choirs. During the summer and the winter they will preform every wednesday.
Saterday before Pentecost is "Urkderdag". A day which sees many activities and a day where the traditional clothing is worn by many people.


Everthing within the old town is at walking distance. Walking is also the most convenient way of transportation in the old town.

Outside the old town everything is equipped for cyclists. The surroundings will welcome you for a long cycling trip, or as locals do, a small trip around the harbour.

Everything is quite reachable by car. The whole town has free parking spaces, allthough in the old town most parking spaces can be occupied for a max of 2 hours.